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November 20, 2020 0 By Aisling

I suppose I’ve never been the best at promoting or explaining the work or techniques I use here in Whitebeam, it goes beyond hypnosis & wellbeing coaching.  Lucky for me many new clients come to me because they are referred by a friend, they tell me “they said you changed their life”.  What a massive thing to have said about my work here and yet it’s always the clients’ work that leads to the change in their life, so I give the compliment back and feel very happy for my initial client and always look forward to working with my new person.

I had a medical appointment myself yesterday, in conversation The Practitioner asked me what techniques I use for hypnosis and mentioned a specific one in particular, I said that yes I can do that one.  We happened to get on to discussing topics that were mutually engaging, we talked about the body and how it can hold on to pain following trauma, we talked about The Biology of Belief, we talked about inflammation and it’s various causes from carrying emotional pain to some dietary ones and a few in between.  I mentioned a simple phrase “peoples stories” and all of a sudden we were both excited and engaged about what the other was saying.  Some hypnotherapists, coaches’ & practitioners focus on technique and the ones they use, for both of us our ultimate focus is the person and listening to their story.

I see something happen here in my clinic regularly when it comes to stories.  A client begins to talk about what has been going on for them and I see overwhelm, they might say things like “This is going to sound stupid” or “I know I should be over this but” and one of the most common ones is “this is very complicated” or “this is hard to explain”.   I’ve seen so many of you reveal emotional burdens from another time and place, or often times going through something in life right now.  As the words begin to flow and the heavy load begins to drop, tears fall.  I’ve heard people say “I don’t know why I’m crying”. It seems there is a heavy emotional burden and maybe some confusion or chaos being carried, maybe it is not going to go away naturally, and work is needed.  These stories are from normal people with normal lives, dreadful things, complicated things can happen to good people and it’s helpful to look for assistance.  Help to move on and make changes.

First and foremost the most important thing for me is that I bring compassion to a story in a non-judgemental way. I have a way of sorting through things with my clients, we can put things and events in order, I can help you place a system on the events, can facilitate helping you change how you want to feel about the past events.  The method I use is highly focused and interactive, it cannot be done online.  The method I use is very successful and simple.  I do not give advice, the work is done through professional coaching questioning and interactive timeline work. Depending on the length of the story and the amount of sorting, we may or may not have the opportunity to do hypnosis, it all depends on the story.  You can come back for hypnosis another time if you wish, sorting your story is the primary focus for our first session.  So, if you are thinking about making an appointment with me bear in mind the length of your story, understand we can only do what we can do in 2 hours, it may sound like a long time but it flies by.  If your story is a long and complicated we can leave an opened ended time slot and can work for as long as we have energy, please discuss this with me in advance. #important please tell me what is most important for you before your begin your story.

So what if an event happened 5, 10 or 30 years ago? If it still brings up pain it probably need looking at, I can help facilitate your transformation.  Please do not put your work under time pressure allow what space is necessary, you probably have a gut feeling on how much time you need to spend on this yourself.

I hope this gives you an understanding on the work I do here in Whitebeam Wellbeing and how it might help you. Remember so many of our issues are carried in our tissues. It can be amazing to see physical and emotional pain disolve after facilitating your story.

Warm wishes

Aisling O’Donoghue

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