Quitting sugar and what happens next.

May 14, 2019 0 By Aisling

Hi I’m on chatting today to give some information about the coaching session that I do to help my clients reduce or quit sugar.  I personally believe that having an organised treat is best policy but it’s up to you, some people prefer to quit altogether.

OK The session itself lasts 2 hours, we cover a lot of ground and the time will go by very quickly.

The first part of the session lasts about an hour when I use a coaching model called “The Sugar Reward Wheel”, this tool helps clients visualize the relevant areas of their life that can encourage a treat and reward mind set, the type of thinking that can stimulate sugar and cravings for treats.  There are 8 revealing sections in total, when we have these investigated we move on to the next coaching model.

I call the next model the epigenetics coaching model.  We all understand that we can get certain physical traits from our genetics for example having blue eyes or red hair that kind of thing.  We can also carry down intelligence and traits from our ancestors.  These traits can be at an unconscious level, this particular model helps reveal the behaviours that we are enacting that may not serve us, behaviours that once seen cannot be unseen, this is a very interactive session and can also be good fun.  I use floor models, there is a bit of walking around and role playing.  My clients have had a very positive reaction to this section from being amazed to wowed, and most importantly this model offers great opportunity for transformation.

The finale.. we cement the work done with mind coaching or hypnosis as appropriate for the client, it has been working very well to date, if you want please check out my testimonials on Instagram so that you can see what my clients are saying.

I follow up our session with an email reminding you of the promises you have made which includes a recording that you will listen to every day called the Daily active listening recording .. we are looking to keep the chemicals and the neurons in your brain on board for change, it’s all about repetition at this stage we want to give you every chance to practice so that you can get some structure on these new pathways in your brain so that you can stay sugar free and happy about it .. You’ll be amazed when you hear yourself say.. Quitting sugar was easy …

Chat soon