13 Reasons you might need Professional Personal Life Coach.

October 23, 2018 0 By Aisling


13 Reasons to have a Professional Life Coach www.whitebeam.ie


You might ask yourself is personal life coaching a fluffy type service offered by a person who did a quick course and calls themselves a life coach, what would they know that you don’t know about life.  So I’d like to tell you a little more about my qualifications.

I have nearly 10 years working in the area of personal development as a hypnotherapist, over the years I realised that I wanted to be able to offer people more! I wanted to practice in an even more holistic and goal focused way, that looked at all of the elements of a person’s life, I realised that coaching would allow my clients look at each area of their life that effected their ultimate goal.   Hypnotherapy and NLP can be a wonderful support and can effect considerable change in a person’s life, however if other areas of a person’s life are not reinforced this can in sabotage a person success.  That is why I like to use a tool called “The Wheel of life”, I’ve many other tools and wheels that explore Happiness, Resilience, Professionalism in the workplace, Relationships, Contentment and many other topics of discovery.

An effective coaching relationship to me is having the ability to build up good rapport and trust with my client, when I am aware of myself as a coach, how I am, where I sit with people and how good people feel around me, this is the place I start from every day.  The foundation for this came from being coached myself, 10 years plus of thoughtful focus, reflection and personal work.  I received a Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 2009, and have continued my professional development since.  In 2017 I received an internationally accredited qualification in Coaching.  Since then I have gone on to do an Advanced Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching and will be receiving that award in a few weeks.

One of the most important foundations of the coaching relationship is the trust that can built up between me and my client right from the beginning.  With sincerity, the offer of absolute confidentiality is something that is felt by my clients, they understand it not just by my words but by the energy of feeling I put behind the words, it is me offering the understanding that my client will be sharing their most valuable information with me and that they feel comfortable and eager to do that knowing they are in a professional situation.  This is key, it’s a professional coaching relationship with a defined focus, facilitating so that you can talk and share comfortably with the understanding that every engagement between us both will always have purpose and a goal.

So why might you need Coaching, I’m going to list a few conversation points that you might reflect on.


  1. You are doing well in life and want to do better.


  1. You feel stressed and overwhelmed when you think of an area of your life and are finding it difficult to tackle it.


  1. You are feeling extremely busy all the time and getting very little done.


  1. You are feeling emotional and frustrated and are having difficulty expressing it in a helpful way.


  1. You are finding a particular relationship very challenging and would like to be able to have more harmony with the person whether they be a child, sibling, friend, parent or partner.


  1. You want to become physically fit and resilient yet you are not able to change your habits around emotional eating and having too many treats.


  1. You are wondering is this it? You are feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled and wonder how you can discover happiness and contentment.


  1. You are struggling with your feelings around getting older, perhaps the things you built your self-esteem around are slipping or changing, you need to redefine what makes you feel good about yourself.


  1. You would like to improve your interpersonal skills, you are finding the same challenges coming up and would like some coaching to improve things.


  1. You would like to have more confidence in life, if you were more confident you feel that everything else would improve.


  1. One of the foundations to living a happy life is living a life that is in line with your own personal values. Values coaching is a game changer, we discover the values that make you tick and we can work through the challenges of living a life that is in line with your values with friends, family, groups,  in your career and can steer your in the right direction if you want to find a life partner.


  1. Would you like to maximise your potential? Do you know all of your strengths?  When we take as many opportunities as possible to use our strengths in our daily lives we notice we have more contentment and feel more fulfilled.
  2. Do you keep repeating the same patterns in relationships in career in life, but don’t know how to break these patterns.


Aisling O’Donoghue

Dip Hyp, Advanced Diploma Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching