Mastering your Triathlon mind-set

Mastering your Triathlon mind-set

September 28, 2018 0 By Aisling

Your Triathlon is on the horizon, you’ve done all your training and you’re in top condition but are you mastering your Triathlon mind-set?

OK so if you’re still reading this you might be in training for a triathlon or some other event that takes stamina in the near or not too distant future. You’ve check listed your gear. You have the swim gear, goggles, and maybe a cap for the swimming section. For the cycling you’ve a good bike, cycling shorts, you might use clipless pedals and cycling shoes, you’ve a water bottle. For the running element you’ve a great pair of running shoes that fit you well and you’re good to go!

You’ve committed your time to training! You have conditioned your tendons, ligaments and endurance so you can enjoy your race. You’ve scheduled in your running, cycling and swim workouts for each week, you’ve looked into your diet and might have taken on some strength training.

The date is getting closer, you’re in peak physical condition and the old familiar quiet whisper is getting louder, you’ve noticed your own negative thinking is getting in the way, you have started to doubt yourself. You’re beginning to consider all the things that could go wrong, and of those; you come up with many if’s and it’s all getting a bit too real… your colleagues seem to be taking everything in their stride and you are wondering why you put yourself through this, you are wondering how to have what they have, that confidence, that focus and mind set.

I can help you with that, through mind set coaching and preparation we can get you in tip top focus, this can help reduce injuries coming up to your event and remove any other block that might get in the way of your ultimate goal of competing. If this sounds interesting please contact me on and we will set you up with a coaching session.