Hurdles To Fertility

Hurdles To Fertility

August 19, 2018 0 By Aisling

So if you’re a woman and you have listened to the radio or watched the TV you will have done well to escape articles about fertility and the problems women are having because they choose to leave pregnancy until later in life. It is useful information if you have the opportunity to avoid it, but down the line the information can return as added pressure on the journey to having a baby, you might be excused for thinking that women are leaving it until they’re much older to get pregnant out of choice, you may even have heard quotes like “women want it all”.

I suppose if we were to stand back and think about it we know that often it’s not out of choice but out of circumstance. As women, we want a safe environment to bring up our babies and yet today, it just seems to take a lot longer to achieve that with house prices, property traps and often its never the right time to buy or the more simple ones – you can’t afford a home or you haven’t met the right person to have a baby with! So, by the time “the timing is right” or nearly right, you might feel under pressure to get pregnant as soon as possible, you might start remembering all the reasons why it may not be as easy as it once could have been.

Ok, there can also be complicated blocks to getting pregnant, perhaps you believe that you can’t get pregnant because ..

You believe you’re the wrong weight, upwards or downwards.

You might find it difficult because you’re the “wrong age”

Family history shows that there might be a problem .. a story that stuck in your mind.

You tried to prevent pregnancy for so long it will be your luck that you won’t get pregnant now.

You’re worried you won’t get pregnant because of something you did in the past or something that happened in the past.

Perhaps you don’t feel you’re worthy of pregnancy.

Perhaps you’re concerned that you’re not healthy enough.

Maybe you have some fear that has not been acknowledged.

Maybe you believe you’ve had it too easy until now or maybe nothing comes easily for you, and you believe that’s why..

You might even wonder how anyone manages to get pregnant at all 😉

The thing is these ideas could be floating around in your mind, a personal dialogue going on, a private lonely, worry fest.

Ok .. so if you have been for testing and you discover there are no medical problems to prevent you from getting pregnant .. you’re told to go off and relax .. but time is passing and its not happening, internal desire and pressure are building. Perhaps it’s even perceived public pressure that is mounting inside you.

We’ve all heard the stories of how women who have tried for many years to have a baby to no avail, go on to foster or adopt a child and low and behold down the line another gift arrives, a happy unexpected pregnancy.

So if the above is true .. all you have to do is relax, how come you feel relaxed yet its still not happening.

“Hypnotherapy would once have been put in the same class as black magic as an infertility cure, but the number of women using it to help them conceive has trebled in the past few years, says the British Society of Hypnotherapists.

What if I was to give you the suggestion that hypnosis is an amazing tool that we can use to help you get pregnant .. that in hypnosis we can go into the subconscious mind and sort some of these ideas out, remove the blocks that you may have created without your knowledge, that we can go in and create relaxation to achieve a pregnancy, maybe we need to go in and welcome sperm into your body, maybe we need to go in and increase your libido, maybe its been lost along the way .. maybe its something else entirely.

Whatever you might be thinking now, that thing that has just popped into your mind that has been preventing you from getting pregnant, call me and we can have a chat and see if you’re a suitable candidate for hypnotherapy to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with me in Whitebeam Hypnotherapy Carlow, I’d love to chat with you about it.

Aisling O’Donoghue

Life, Leadership & Executive Coach registered QQI

Advanced Dip in Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching Reg Cert EMCC

Dip Hyp Reg. Cert I.H.A.